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Purpose? What's the PURPOSE!? WNS is distancing itself from large corporate, controlling, spying social media outlets. You are a person, in our Universe, a wrestling fan, but a person first. Social media is using you, pulling the strings of anger, sadness, addiction and prescribed daily outrage. We want you to take back your privacy, your sanity, and join our wrestling community. You can talk about whatever you like though. Share photos, interests, etc.

WNS is running Mastodon, a Twitter alternative, decentralized social media outlet. We are not governed by a particular central authority. Each little "instance" in the"fediverse" is a world in of itself that can cross-communicate with each other. So users of wrestlr.social can discuss with users of mastodon.social and the thousands of instances connected to the larger fediverse out there.

Be sure to check out our XMPP service, also a decentralized communication tool. Similar to the ICQ and AIM days but again, no central authority. It's a bit of an advanced Internet service but if you jump in it's really not difficult to use. Register w/ Wrestlr.Me XMPP and check out our XMPP How-To.