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If you're only interested in pro wrestling remember we have a "Local" tab you can click for only posts by This is a great way to keep up with WNS and it's members on here. Otherwise, be fruitful and multiply among the other instances.

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I wonder if anybody is seeing us on the federated tab. If so, don't be shy. Say what's up to the mf's of Right now it's mostly my staff, friends. We're launching post-Thanksgiving, officially. I don't wanna jump up and down when everybody is trying to consume turkey and shit. I'll bother them during Black Friday. We might be focused on wrestling here, but we aren't opposed to friends.

YouTube might be lifting demonitization restrictions and allowing advertisers to invest in edgier content to place their ads w/ relevant audiences. The synchronicity... I mean, it's not like YouTube doesn't see the horrible mistake this was leading to. It was a matter of time if they sat on their hands waiting for a competitive product come in bringing the adult content w/ interested advertisers.

What an ad for is gonna look like. Old lady relates to kids with familiar meme.

Silently launched Wrestlr.Social on our site. The menu options are in. The hard part is being the new user in a new situation. The other side is it's wise to be in on the pioneering of a new project. You have the best ability to get settled with those who come after you and build the following you're looking for. Twitter doesn't deserve you but persistence is the only way we'll get away from it.

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I'm the in-house engineer @,, and it's entire universe. If you have questions, need support, have a technical issue or member issue don't be shy. You can contact me and I'll handle it the best I can.

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WNS is unhooked.