also way more dick pics on Fedi... cuz you know.. nature of the design.

I said a few days ago, out loud that is, Fedi is gonna be the new FidoNet. It's got similar properties in it's political showdown.. how basically everybody can read from and reply to anybody by default except Mastodon allows cutting off regions/nodes much easier, just BAM.. you're out and sound the alarms. I should forward this to my friend who thinks this game is good at all. I mean, I will. @majintween What a gyp. Is it carbonated?

People are angry today I see. Quite a feed you've given me.


@tvr34448 Jr. High for me. I saw this movie in theatre, all three. Boy was I disappointed by the 3rd. Sheesh. Turtles and Casey are still my jam though.



Sucks to say.. 1990 was almost 30 years ago. I'll celebrate with my usual denial of the situation at hand.

@nate I thought they were all filled with pee. Then I saw the pee trough. I have no idea. The concept of a pee trough made me laugh though.

@Gargron Working on it. My first token of support, was a post. Now just to explain to my readers Mastodon is a good move forward. 🤔

Enjoy Battle Cat.

Logging in to Twitter, not sure what's happening but it looks like they're teeing off on trans folks again. A "TERF war" if you will. Amazing how a majority can come down on a minority so hard and complain about "erasure". Sounds like 4chan /pol/ or /b/ level logic at play. Not willing to read all this shit though. Feel free to fill me in if I'm mistaken here.

yang cream 

@somarasu 🤣 Gotcha.. maybe private data and private parts are two diff things in the privacy discussion. 🤯

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