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If you're only interested in pro wrestling remember we have a "Local" tab you can click for only posts by This is a great way to keep up with WNS and it's members on here. Otherwise, be fruitful and multiply among the other instances.

also way more dick pics on Fedi... cuz you know.. nature of the design.

I said a few days ago, out loud that is, Fedi is gonna be the new FidoNet. It's got similar properties in it's political showdown.. how basically everybody can read from and reply to anybody by default except Mastodon allows cutting off regions/nodes much easier, just BAM.. you're out and sound the alarms.

People are angry today I see. Quite a feed you've given me.



Sucks to say.. 1990 was almost 30 years ago. I'll celebrate with my usual denial of the situation at hand.

Logging in to Twitter, not sure what's happening but it looks like they're teeing off on trans folks again. A "TERF war" if you will. Amazing how a majority can come down on a minority so hard and complain about "erasure". Sounds like 4chan /pol/ or /b/ level logic at play. Not willing to read all this shit though. Feel free to fill me in if I'm mistaken here.

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instance / user block recommendation, pls boost 

What Jack says and does is not the same thing. He doesn't answer to you.

Typically a similar message I've been saying for years now. If you feel comfortable on the web, with a minor success, or moving on another day on survival mode.. if you get noticed by big business and they feel like they missed a penny you are soon to feel the heat as they invade your once charming and quaint domain with big corporate money to stomp you down.

They are coming for us.

Formally welcoming some new members to Be patient. We need to walk before we run. I gift you all Gary Kildall in a Santa hat.

just assume h0h0h0 is defined as var and that = 😥

no I couldn't wrap the value in quotes, cuz length.

This is the extent of my Christmas cleverness (see name until the season expires and this toot does as well).

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WNS is unhooked.